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Album: Track 9 on The World in Lucy's Eyes
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The bottle of wine, it is empty
We´ve been drinking and loving a lot
He looks at me, as if to say:
Why don´t you stay?

When she´s talking to me in her gentle voice
I get a strange kind of feeling inside
If i should ask: „do you want to stay?“
What would she say

What would you do if i kissed you
What would you do if i turned off the light
What would you say if i should ask you
Will you stay for the night; I´ll stay for the night

He´s taking my hand and he whispers
„you´re looking wonderful tonight!“
When i hold your hand, i undersand this feeling inside

I´d like to know more about her
When she smiles there´s a look in her eyes
I´d like to be the one to see behind her mystery

What would you do...

The morning has broken
The windows are open
The sun shines into our room
I open my eyes and i soon realize
The one i need is here by my side

What would you do

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