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Album: Track 3 on Go
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When you thought that maybe
Things weren't goin' your way
I was there when you asked me
Just ‘cause you asked me and I didn't hesitate

Now that I need you, you turn away
Like I was nothing, like it was a big mistake
Come on baby, you know it ain't right
Tell me how do you sleep at night?


I won't behave, sit quietly by while you take
Everything that I keep inside of me
I won't be still, Oh no, not I
‘Cause there's no way that I'd stay here
I'd rather die than love you
I'd rather die than love you
You know that I would rather die

It isn't fair to take someone's heart
Tear it apart, use it like you don't care
How does it feel to be hurt
It's gonna get worse
It's gonna get ugly, I swear

How many tears can one person cry
How much is enough
When's it time to say goodbye
Come on baby, you know it ain't right
Tell me how do you sleep at night?

Oh I sit here and
just how much I
truly hate you and there's
nothing more sacred in this world
than love
but you've got no conscience
and your not worthy of it


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