Patrick Nuo Here We Come Again Lyrics

Artist: Patrick Nuo
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:29

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[Refrain 1 ]
No mountain high enough to stop us,
No ocean wild enough to rock us,
No down can keep us from the top
Cause here we come, here we come again.

I'm your sunshine on a rainy day,
I won't let you down, I might be
A million miles away but I'll be still around.
I feel like we could save the world tonight,
No matter what they say, we're on our way.

[Refrain 1 ]

[Refrain 2 ]
No storm is strong enough to break us,
No river will ever separate us,
Nothing can get in our way,
Cause here we come, here we come again.

Let me guide you through the clouds tonight,
Until the end is through,
I'll be there until the stars can light,
Watching over you.
Hey, I'm telling you it's possible,
No matter what they say,
We're on our way.

[Refrain 1 & 2]

To ride the storm, to carry on,
Together nothing can go wrong,
A brandnew day, and you know, hey,
We're on our way

[2 x Refrain 1 & 2]
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