Patrick Watson Drifters Lyrics

Artist: Patrick Watson
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We are drifting away
Follow everyday
Soon we’ll have nothing to say
We’ll be too far away
We’ll be too far away
Too far away
From where we started today
Where we started today
We’ll be too far away
Cause we are drifting
Farther everyday
Well I will remember
Even if I’m drifting far away
But I will remember
Even if I’m fading all away
Oh I dip my hands into the sea
Oh I (want)poor the ocean over me
And after all their tide have swollowed all the shore
I couldn’t find you anymore
All great drifters
They smile the great drifters
But it’s more look great drifters
We are drifters away
We are drifters away
Thanks to Renaud Fafard
Thanks to Maude Beaulieu-Lahaie for these lyrics
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