Patti Rothberg - This One's Mine Lyrics

Writer(s) : Rothberg, Patricia Lynn
Artist: Patti Rothberg Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Between the 1 and the 9
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Well I know that I got to leave you, Lover
But I don't see how I can
You say you want to make me happy
Go and find yourself another man
The first time that you told me this
You know my heart was about to crack
But I was givin' some guy just a little kiss
And that's when you wanted me back
No thanks to you I'm doing fine
Everybody has their day and this one's mine
People come around and tell me baby 'bout the way you won't be true
But I never loved you anyway so the last laugh is on you - HA
Couldn't keep me on the sidelines honey while you played the field no more - and
The thing that you never realized is it was me who was keepin score
You lost the game right down the line
Everybody has their day and this one's mine
You can beg and you can plead and get down upon your knees
I could say that you were a dirty dog but that's an insult to the fleas
I've given you about 10 second chances and ya blew it about eleven
Now I don't ever want to see your face right here 'less you ever make it to heaven
Somehow I know you're not that divine
Everybody has their day and this ones mine

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