Paul Carrack - Somewhere in Your Heart Lyrics

Artist: Paul Carrack Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Blue Views
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They say in time all the truth comes to light
When you can see past the wrong and the right
There`s a feelin` inside stronger than pride
Finds me every lonely night
Well I have searched the past in my mind
How we failed to see the danger signs
Well one good reason why we let our love die
Is something that I`ve failed to find

Somewhere in your heart
There`s a lonely part that beats for me
Somewhere in your broken heart
There`s a lonely part that beats for me

Well I have cried till my tears have turned cold
I`d trade my pride for peace in my soul
Please don`t make me pay for the rest of my days
For emotions that ran out of control
We`ve all but closed the door on our past
And this one chance may well be our last
So before you decide one last look inside
Is all my shattered dreams can ask

Somewhere in your heart

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