Paul Carrack - Together Lyrics

Artist: Paul Carrack Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Satisfy My Soul
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I remember you
Innocent and young
Smiling back at me
There and then
I knew you were the one

The answer to my prayers
Right in front of me
Now I realise
Heaven must have known we'd always be

Lovers whatever
Now an dforever

Out into the world
With nothing but a dream
Somehow we survived
I believe we're always meant to be

Lovers whatever
Now and forever

I've fooled around sometimes
But you know there's nothing further
From my mind
And there's no doubt
Now I know what love
Is all about

When the times were tought
Had our backs against the wall
Standing side by side
We can say that we've
Come through it all

Lovers whatever
Now and forever

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