Paul Colman - I'm Coming Home Lyrics

Artist: Paul Colman Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Let It Go
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Everything I want from life is inside these walls
So why am I leaving when I hear the siren's song
A power dark and strong is inside of me
But there's no use running when you're all I need

And it's so cold without your love
And it's so cold without you love

I'm coming home just to be with you
We shut out the world yeah that's what we do
When it's just two of us how you find me love
Take me to the life I've been dreaming of

'Cause I've been chasing after things that
Leave me alone and poor
When all the loves and riches I could ever want
Are here inside my door
I want to put you first
Where you should be
Return to you my love
Give you the best of me

'Cause it's so cold without your love
Yes it's so cold without you love

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