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Paul Colman Nothing Without You Lyrics

Artist: Paul Colman Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Let It Go
Length: 3:39

I gave my eyes to the media
I gave my heart to the fame
Walked into church like a pop star
I murdered Able I'm the Cain
I gave my word then I broke it
Thought I was 10 ft 10
Quoted the Bible then revoked it
Then I did it all again

Then you took me in
And taught me how to love
Became everything
That I'd been chasing after and dreaming of
I got to the end
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And everything was meaningless
Chasing after the wind
Everything means nothing without you

I took my food from the trash can
I traded gold for the swine
I kissed Jesus in the garden
Then I shouted 'crucify'
I threw my rocks at the sinners
Then I sang with the saints
I ate your grace for my dinners
But I choked on your name
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