Pavement - Fight This Generation Lyrics

Artist: Pavement Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Wowee Zowee
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i can't so i won't stand
up chuck break luck
look for the splinters you might see where they come in
go down, sweet yardley
i won't let you fall down, sweet yardley
i won't let you fall down, here, now
ah- god damn the guts and the gore
nobody's crying 'cause there's no one to score for
come up sweet randy
i won't let you fall -what you got to lose?
what you got to prove?
who you gonna screw down here?
here now ..i am.. here now..i am... here... now...

your life is about to-to come
away from the mirror in a rainshed
fight this generation (x 15 or so)
stop right

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