Pencey Prep - 10 Rings Lyrics

Artist: Pencey Prep Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Heartbreak in Stereo
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Learn to live with decisions that you made
I learned things from the break that I can't forget
Catch you doing drive-bys at 1 AM
It must kill you to know that we can't be friends

End of the summer you cut me off
I cut you out of the pictures I have

Stop calling my house

Living room
Answering machine turned off
Ten rings 'til I pick up
And you hang up
You made your bed to lie in with someone else
Guess you better watch what you wish for

There's nothing left to say
I won't answer the phone
Your obsession is starting to lose it's charm
Nothing left to say
I won't answer the phone
We're over and done

Stop calling my house

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