Pepper - Dry Spell Lyrics

Artist: Pepper Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Kona Town
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stealing whats been stolin
and whats given, man I don't get for free
couldn't find a reason so put the blame on me
taking water while the well is dry
and the devils always smiling when you pass by

drifting on my piece of sorry, shattered stubborness
one more mistake but I really need this risk
I notice the roots and the rythym remain
and it's never like you seem
and now the stories lost its theme
right back where I first started from
them all listen when I play this riddim
break it off when its given to me
don't worry if its over I'll just wait pateintly
big up the lovin that hold me down
them no try and come after me in this underground
whom god bless let no man curse
the first will be the last and the last will be the first

so I sloped into the room
playing my guitar in my worn out shoes
I want o hear the sound just like a stage show
where they all lose control
and it never lets you go

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