Pepper - Feels Good Lyrics

Artist: Pepper Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Give'n It
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6:30 come, i waiting on the floor
waitin for me mary, no mary tyler moore
i love her, she love no one else
i say i could be your master, you could serve yourself
i do this thing i do, i run inside your brain
i know you cant feel it cuz you feel no the pain
i say a 1 a 1 2 3
diggity doo come and watch

ohhhhh na na naaaa
feels good, when it should

ohhhhh na na naaa
(another junkie in the neighborhood)

one lost soul driftin out to sea
but if ya got vanilla stylee (bo bo)
it feels good, thats understood
but dont forget
no love for pepper posse and i'll make that bet
that you aint got no style, aint got no reggae
and there are words that i just dont say
take a pick, youve got a selection
but if you want some of this protection

ohhhhh na na naaaa
feels good, when it should

sit back it takes a while

listen, there are stories tales and lies
some attract rumors, some attract lies
got this coffee, so bring me your cup
one more pot so we can stay up
understand, that there must be more in this band
you think you could, well i know i can
so watcha want, paper or plastic
take all you need cuz we're sick of that shit

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