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Album: Track 7 on Kona Town
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I've been waiting all this time, soliciting is my one crime
take a step which way to go, with no permission from a ho
and a limp with no deseases, my back seats got remedies
I'll be part of history, with 15 books on my story
and be a swift like roddigan, equipt with the best selection
wondering what you use, slipping off the booze cruise
and your focus turns to blur, when you set your eyes on her
as I turn away as she looks at me

and I'm a wanting watching you walk away
i will try to meet you by the old highway
and if it's now I'm down to slack
with the sun shown accross my back
now that your gone, moving right along

run down the road still viewing sluts, bowcats,
these ho's are trying to fool me
no promises you get the one time slam
seductive sexy capers in the hilton tram
with this abuse of napkins
X-amount of heineken
waking up's so hard to do when I'm lying next to you
so I'm knockin at your door, complicates the night before
she said the joke is on me, I said the joke is on her
mary oh mary, your still so quite contrary
how could you ever know
;2nd chorus;
why am I so short of your attention
having this discussiom downtown
no obligation, it's a real hard emotion
now that your gone, I'm moving right along

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