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Artist: Pepper Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Kona Town
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come down sit right here its OK
and my words are spoken slurred every single day
sure to find some comfort, up against the hallway wall
I know I could, never have it all
reaching the next level under
drinking starts this reflex, so I dial your number
but the phone was out of order
last call was made at 2 AM
some how when it's broken
its always there to mend

stumble don't rumble
cuase you might get killed
sip but don't tip
cause your beer you might spill
think what you feel
cause your feelings don't think
here at the office,
we know just one drink

so god dont prove me wrong,
please lord dont prove me rong again
And I've been living at this address all week
attractive cause my hair is dull
and my clothes are starting to reek
so when I'm to involved
with the problems I can't solve
wrap my finger around the original quality

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