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last night at the party
we were drinking and dancing
you and i were in this crowd
when we started romancing
with the system so live and loud
screaming come and direct this fun
we see the officer
pick up the gun and run
with a little this
and a little of that
run to the dancehall
when were under attack
if they still come after me
the must be crazy
be the one to take me down
no i never wanted was
the one thing that i found

she come to me late in the evening
she come to work but
she dont want this feeling
this girl drives me mad
shes got me hanging on a string
shes sure to get the world
while i'm sure to get nothing
and while i'm waiting,
anticipation is gettin higher
as i'm waiting with
this burning desire
see it never lets go
it never holds on
life its alive but
shes already gone

if she dont torture me, i'll be crazy
dont let me be the one to take me down
no i never wanted was the only thing that i found

so tonight you'll understand
the bettings never the same
they just move to different lands
when the music stops i wont be coming back
although i know its not right
its just control that i lack

and i'm just wasting time x4

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