Pete Townshend - I Am Secure Lyrics

Writer(s) : P TOWNSHEND
Artist: Pete Townshend Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on White City: A Novel
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My room looks out to the wide open spaces.
My heart is touched,
By awakening faces.
I see the panic,
Of people in motion.
I can stand here,
Look out on an ocean.
I am a wall,
Awaiting a catchword.
I see the city laid out like a patchwork.

Alone, I am free, from hatred and blindness.
I hope that this life,
Is frozen and timeless.
My man is here,
We grow old by inches.
Tomorrow, I'll walk among heroes and princes.

I feed the boys,
I hear secrets whispered.
I know the hearts that are battered and blistered.

I am secure.
In this world of apartheid,
This is my cell,
But it's connected to starlight.

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