Pete Townshend - Stop Hurting People Lyrics

Artist: Pete Townshend Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
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A love born once must soon be born again
A spark that burned, then died, leaving cinders to be fanned
By the wind and thrown to flame;
Flames like tongues impassioned in a moments burst.
Tell me friend - why do you stand aloof from your own heart?
The truth confronts you - the truth confronts you as the sea
Crushing without detail,
Impassioned and detached,
Killing with love and power in God's Name.
Love conquers poses. Love smashes stances. Love crushes angles
Into black. So you, without question, know your first love
Is your last. And you, will never - never - Love again
I always wished to walk with her into resteraunts, (A clammy tale).
To be seen beside her at the public bar footrail.
I always wanted to be matched with her -
Yet her beauty was so different to mine.
My "beauty" needs an understanding, a knowledge of what I am.
Hers is enough. Earned through eons; for that is what true beauty is -
Time's gift to perfect humility.
May I be matched with you again
I know the match is bad
But God help me -
May I be matched with you again
- without your match there is no flame

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