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You're so clever, so smooth and debonair.
You're so clever, and you never seem to have a care.
You grew unflustered by storms or humid sticky weather.
Oh, you're so clever,oh
You're so different, and a thousand in the red
You're so instant,snap your finger and light for my cigarette.
I been busted by your charm when we're together.
oh, you're so clever. oh yeah.
I mean it.
You're so perfect.
You always choose the big ones.
I seen you
On the dance floor
And you keep that perfect time.
There's no one I want but you
I mean forever, I mean forever
You're so clever.
Oh, you're a genesis
Everything that ever gets me hot
I'm reeling, you cause my nemesis
You're everything I want and all I got
There's no one I want but you
And I mean forever
And I mean forever
You're so clever.
You're so open
So straight, but never plain
So gently spoken
I'm not joking, your smile can Stop the rain
I'm going to muster strength,and chase you ever leather
You, you're so clever
Yes, you, you're so clever
Yes, you, you're so clever
Yes you, you're so clever.

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