Peter and The Test Tube Babies - All About Love Lyrics

Artist: Peter and The Test Tube Babies Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Soberphobia
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It's a love song again, it'll probably get covered.
No, the drums don't come in yet, that's in three bars time.
It's just me and the piano, and this sweet lullaby.
Here are the drums now, and a power guitar chord.
And my voice goes up a key, just in case you get bored.
Now I rhyme loads of cliches, like above, love and dove.
Girl like you, the things you do, and it's all about love.
This is the drop out part, where the drop outs drop out.
It's just me and the piano again, just before I start to shout.
Now I am shouting, the ends building up,
everything gets louder, and it's all about love.
Here's a nice ballad, like the six thousand others.
It was a love song again and it'll probably get covered.

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