Peter and The Test Tube Babies - Shake My World Lyrics

Artist: Peter and The Test Tube Babies Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Supermodels
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Sitting in my easy chair, smoking a joint, ain't got a care.
I'm unheard, I'm unseen, chilling out watching TV.
She comes 'round with a gift for me, I'm feeling high, I'm feeling free.
Going out, gonna hit the town, ain't coming back till I come down.

I'm feeling down, feeling low, she says to me c'mon let's go.
Pays for me at every place, puts the smile back on my face.

You take me, you break me, you wake me up
and you shake my world.

Out of the blue I'm on fire, burning sexual desire.
In her eyes I see the flame, that tells me she feels the same.

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