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Artist: Peter Cetera Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Another Perfect World
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There's a garden of hope
In a town called faith
And the state of Happiness
Is not far away
From the country of wants and the sea of needs
I'll take you there with me

Someday when i rule the world
Gonna stand by you
Love you all i can
You're beautiful
The reason i believe
Dont give up on me
I'll make it wonderful
When I rule the world

When I look into your eyes
Oohh it just amazes me
And the way I feel inside
When your changing me
Through the sweat and the tears
Moving step by step
I'll do anything for you

Someday when I...

High, High above it all
In the sky you promised I choose to stand
Stand by you I'll stand by you

Someday when I....

the reason I believe
Oh don't give up on me
I'll make it wonderful when I rule te World

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