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How can you say it's over
What can there be that we can't overcome
Why do you turn away
And you so afraid of needing someone

Din't we say forever
I still believe the feelling's strong enough
Before you walk away
Let me hear you say you don't need my love


Stay with me
Darlin'after all that we've been through
Nobody else can warm your lonely nights
No one gonna love you like I do
Stay with me
Can't you see we've got too much to lose
Oh stay with me
Stay with me
Baby please

Where is our happy ending
And all of our promises did you forget
Tell me what's the use of love if it can't last
I can never let you leave it this way
I want you to stay

(Repeat chorus)

Got to make you stay somehow
Tell me what's it gonna take
I can't live without you
So please don't leave me now

(Repeat chorus to fade)

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