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Artist: Peter Gallagher Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on 7 Days in Memphis
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(Randy Newman)

Every time it rains
I sit at home and wonder why
Ever since you said goodbye
I felt so all alone
Every time it rains
Summer showers soak the ground
I watch the rain come pouring down
I call out your name

Every time it rains
I hang my head and want to die
I don't seem to care that I'm
Just not making it on my own
Every time it rains

Sometimes late at night
I close my eyes
And pretend that you're here with me
Every time it rains
I realize just how lonely my life is gonna be

Every time it rains
Every time I hear the raindrops fall
I may say I don't mind it at all
But I do

Every time it rains
Every time I try to tell myself
That in time I'll find somebody else
But it won't be you
Every time it rains

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