Peter Hammill - Easy to Slip Away Lyrics

Artist: Peter Hammill Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Chameleon in the Shadow of Night
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My, friends, I never really thought you'd go,
But, then, we know that's the way it happens here
Now time is like cat's cradle in my hands
We gather up the strands much to slowly
The refugees are gone... They take their separate paths,
Obliterate the past, figures in an ash shroud
Susie, I guess you're on your way to be a star,
But I don't know where you are, the only time I seem
To see you is on T.V.
It's so easy just to slip away...

It's a year or two since I've seen you...
I might
Have dropped you a line if I'd had time
Or the will
It's my fault too, I play a hermit's role
Of cars and stages, wages, super-soul
Hardly ever seem to get outside these days
So, dear friends, as we grow on we feel to grow away,
Can only live in the hope that some day
It will all return
It's so easy just to slip away...

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