Peter Hammill The Old School Tie Lyrics

Artist: Peter Hammill
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Oh the bright young man in the tight-buttoned suit
the light beams out from capped smiles to the shines
on their lick-spittle books
Oh these sharp young sparks with their fresh rosettes
Yeh, the artful ways that they promise the earth
to all suffragettes -
What they won't promise we don't know yet.
They say they're build - and shaping society
but we know they're just saving for their own
Safe home in politics
Anything goes: look at them run.

Come from every side, noses Pinocchio clean;
Lock in synchromesh, oil the wheels and the gears
of the party machine.
And the final goal is a cabinet seat...
in the trappings of power, the presumption to speak
for the man in the street.
Once they move in, they're in for good;
Yeh, once they get that bed made it's a
safe home in politics.
Jobs for the boys: look at them run.

There's just one thing none of us should forget:
a political man is just in it for the power
and the smell of sucess.
Sure, some start out as idealists -
pretty soon they all cop for ideal careers and
a safe home in politics,
a cusky job in politics;
look at them run.

The politicians fight it out on the couning tower
but they all agree not to rock the boat.
A safe home in politics
It's built on your vote
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