Petula Clark - The Cat in the Window (The Bird in the Sky) Lyrics

Writer(s) : GORDON, BONNER
Artist: Petula Clark Lyrics
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Fly away, fly away
There's a cat in the window
And he's watching all the birds go passing by
He'd love to fly out the window
Go where the wind goes
And so would I
Like that cat in the window
Who keeps wishing for some wings to take a ride
I'd love to glide to a rainbow
Off where the clouds go dancing by
And if I could fly
You wouldn't find me hangin' around
Watching the birds go by
Yes the cat in the window
Has a tear in his eye
I should leave today, fly away
Why should I stay like the cat in the window
Who keeps watching the birds
Go by from the window
If I could fly though
You won't find me
Don't even try to

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