Pharrell Williams - Touch (Remix) Feat. Omarion Lyrics

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Ha Ha
Yeah, Let's get real comfortable
Now let me tell you what I'm thinkin'
[Verse 1]
We've known eachother, for some time
I think it's time (sorry baby)
I've been havin' visions
Fantasies (Fantasises)
Am I out of line?
Just back into it
And let it touch (Touch)
Come on and move
And let it touch (Touch)
We cannot lose
Just let it touch (Touch)
I will be true
Come on and let it touch (Touch)
[Hook 2x]
Touch, touch, touch (Keep the lights on)
[Verse 2]
My eyes have seen
Nothin' like you, wanna bite you
(So sweet)
Not tryna be, disrespectful
Just wanna get you, to...
[Hook 2x]
[Verse 3]
Oh baby by the way
(Pharrell: Oh baby by the way)
Tell me no I want You
(Pharrell: Tell me no I want you)
Cause ya know at the end of the day
(Pharrell: Ya know at the end of the day)
Everything is up to you
(Pharrell: Everything)
Get Right
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