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(feat. Ray Lewis)

Life is about moments
Life is about remembering that one thing that changed my life
What is that moment?
What is that one race?
What's that one file I found myself in?
That I had to make up my mind,
That I was going to be different.

What makes me different?
When I get up every day
If it's somebody as hungry as me
What makes them choose me?

Do you have that real look in your eye?
That when you look at yourself in the mirror
You can ask yourself this questions
Then I give everything I got.
Then I'm layin' all on the line
One might cheat myself
Most ..
Say tower
Would take you a long way
I tell you effort would last eternally.
Just gotta be different.
I'ma be different
It's gotta come from your gut
It's gotta come from your heart.
Your mind, your soul, your spirit
You gotta be winnin' and die for
Every second of your life.

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