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Artist: Phlebotomized Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Immense Intense Suspense
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God! Who will be done
Could a poor soul be saved?
For refuge one must run

Cast from here to there
Left in a disillusioned state
Who acted so heedlessly?
Forgive me, I hope it's not too late

The preposterous otherside
This being of negativity
Gains ground within the mind
Revealing my other me

Unwillingly manoeuvred by emotions
Performing deeds of the unwise
Engulfed by fictional oceans
My barricades to... paradise!!!

Systematically... degraded
Should one cross... the dividing line
Nurtured by thos whomI despiced!!!

Immunity... is weakening
It's cracking up... inside
Waves of fury change the tide!!!

The dispassionate... proceedings
Were the works... of mine
Visual guilt unrecognized!!!

One's chimeric barricade <i>[5x]

My mood starts to retrogress
Losing the grip once supervised
The strong dominance never to impress
Left utterly demoralized...

[Repeat 5+6+7]

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