Phlebotomized - Desecration of Alleged Christian History Lyrics

Artist: Phlebotomized Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Immense Intense Suspense
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Foul, subjective thoughts into the air
Objective inhale the atheistic breath
Slowly captivated by the suffocating mass
Twisting the cross from heaven to hell

Christ was glared upon
Seen by the frenzied meek
Haunted by the unspoken phrase
Followers have seen the one... weak

Desecration of alleged christian history
Leading the noble disciples
Onto black massive infinity

Christ's assertion brazened out
As the depths peacefully smirken

Commanding the snorting beasts
For his re-crucifiction
Visualize heaven's cross
Blaze in hell's fire
The cross of the fallen angel once again
Released... released...

Twisting the cross
Twisting the cross from heaven to hell

Unsavable ones entrusted
Souls for god to keep
Meaningless words never seem to fail
To attract reinforcements from the deep

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