Pilot Speed - Knife-Grey Sea Lyrics

Artist: Pilot Speed Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Into the West
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She steels a magic car,
And drives across to your star
Climb into the seat
And sell control for life’s speed
She sails a knife-grey sea
Careless, heedless, lonely,
Riding top the sounds
She spies the prow of your whale
Inside this tale
Your life for sale
Inside this tale
She stands outside these walls
The castle groans, the wind calls
I can set you free
Throw wide your doors, release me
The lives we lead
The lives we lead
The lives we lead
The fallen phoenix, ablaze in fire
Sends a warning as you climb higher
Pull the stars down shed this veil
Tear my heart out watch you fail
(Lying on the pavement you'll find what you're after)

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