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Album: Track 10 on Inevitable
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This day forth I give to you
All of my heart, my body, and soul anew
This day forth I take a vow
To be there through thick and thin
I'll always be around for you my baby
>From this day forth
I'll be yours
>From this day forth
I'll be yours
Forever more
This day forth to you I pledge
To use all my love to blanket you from loneliness
This day forth I'll bring you love
And all of the laughter, and all of the tears that make it up
I'll be there for you
>From this day forth
'Cuz baby I need you
More than you ever could imagine
And baby I see you
>From here 'til eternity right by my side
So don't ever leave me
I want you and only you
So don't stop the lovin'
All I want is to spend my life with you
Don't stop the lovin'
Don't stop the lovin' baby
Don't stop the lovin'
Forever more

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