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Album: Track 8 on Autumn of the Seraphs
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Goody for me!
My favorite part.
Good thing for you I didn't park far.
Found a way to kill the star.
Plenty for you to throw in your car.

This is just a part of it you don't understand.
How can every single thing distinguish a man.
Picked up, looked, and torn apart in front of his clan.
Didn't think it'd take this long to finish the plan.

A random pass today.
We rode that far under.
You feel that passing?
Looking for you and went too far.

Punched out on time today.
We rode that lunch farther.
You keep on laughing.
Gunning for you and slapped down hard.

(She will find a way
To be rid of us...


Bleeding down your side I'm waiting.
Cast aside for time no bailing.
This is how we feel complaining.
She's inside I'm warned no shouting.

Will we fall again
'Till we touch the end.
Ships sink in your bay.
'Till the rum is gone.)

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