Pinback - From Nothing to Nowhere Lyrics

Artist: Pinback Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Autumn of the Seraphs
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Nothing makes you writhe.
Nothing makes you move as far down the wire.
A sudden gesture.
Bruise your faith into right.
Read yourself into history.
Re-write your dementia.
Co-sign my letter.

These shadows take care of us.
They cover us up in the shade.
You turn away...)

We come from the ocean, and to the sky we're gonna move.

If it's nothing but a sign.
Bleed onto your shoes, man.

What's defined as right.
A simple nature.
What's understood de-volved.
From nothing to nowhere.
Please your numbers.
Stay your numb friends.
Plead to no one.
Stay in nowhere.

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