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Album: Track 3 on Autumn of the Seraphs
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They're moving Earth outside.
The ground is shaking like no beat.
A dense terrible sound.
At once both teeming and asleep.

It seems to me to be a sign.
I don't believe in such, and yet...
It seems to me to keep one eye on the situation's best.

(It's good to see you
It's good to see you go...)2x

It's really not that kind
To terrorize one in her sleep
And if you really tried
You'd probably cut the veins too deep.

It seems to me that that's a fine way
To keep you off your feet
There seems to be no over side
For the two ideas to meet.

(It's good to see you
It's good to see you go...)x2

Gotta keep your mind on somewhere else.
Gotta keep from thinking of your health.
Strange how your mind works.

(It's good to see you
It's good to see you go...
Oh no I hit rock bottom.)

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