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Album: Track 5 on Autumn of the Seraphs
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You made your mark on me.
You laid your past to sleep.
No other might worry.
Alone, but not alive.

Anyone else would slit from sleeve to shoulder.
Anyone else you not deserve your life.
It seems that all lines convalesce beyond your side.
It's sense that all I've worried for is vain.

Larry climbs into his lawn chair.
Waves a goodbye.
Unties from the post.
Races towards the sky.
Takes a sip out of his beer and says, "It looks amazing."

Climbs until he can't think.
Can't hear a sound.
Shoots out the balloons and falls to the ground.
Jumps out off his chair and says, "It was amazing."

Now that I'm miles above you here.
Did I snap the last thread of all my fears?
(Get me down...)
Is there nothing left for me to do?
(Let me down...)
Went out on a hike and he never came back again.

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