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Somebody get your praise on

There is one thing that I know for sure
How much I love You yet You love me more
You paid my debt a price I could not pay
So I will praise You each and every day

I'm not gonna hold back now
I think it's time to just get up
And jump around now

Everybody jump around
In the house of God
Hey, hey jump around
Everybdy jump around
In the house of God

When I say Jesus
You say praise HIm
Jesus praise Him
Jesus praise Him

There is one thing that I can't ignore
The power of praising You in one accord
Our praise goes up, the walls come down
Listen up people I can hear that sound

Praise Him, jump jump
Come on praise Him, jump jump
Praise Him, jump jump
Somebody get your praise on

Somebody get your
Some-somebody get your praise on

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