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Name All In Tha street face all ova tha newz im laughin at all u fuck niggas who thought i was thru i ont no if u pussies understand wut money can do i raise mah right hand to tha streetz n swear 2 tell tha truth if i eva go comercial want tha streets 2 cut me loose they say i ont look worried thats wut i pay lawerz 2 do news Papers say im hearless Cracka dat might be true i ont think u undastand wut da fuck I Been thru don had Bigga problims Then This In One Swoop tha niggas dat hate me now luv me Before I Blu fuck Niggas want me off tha streetz real niccaz want me in tha Booth pro Ject or sell a mill situation Don Grew don up tha staiks on yu pussies ima sell 2 . 2 all tha Goonz round da world nigga i slaliut tha first rap nigga 2 eva do a prison tour ima hood legend nigga i Shake Moe Handz in tha precher niggas in prison luv me im only one can reach yah u wanna no who runnin da streetz nigga ask tha promoters tha niggaz dat booked u they Cryin when yo showz ova tha niggaz dat booked me Gon buy em a whip
when itz ova You Cant Boycought Me Nigga itz juz 2 hard Its Like Tryin To Tell My Grandma It Aint A Gawd I run these Mu Fuckin streetz nigga im in Charge And 1 these niggaz play wid me u Better Bless em Lord Never Seen One Bisniss Filled wid so many Pussies were niggaz sit round all day nd Gosip Like some Bitches u ont even no dat man But Chu Amein Fer His position a diss record only mean he Begin for attention he juz a fuck nigga he ont no, No Better Gawd forgive him So if u Love him u Better Calm him down Before I Kill him Cause i ont Sell Lies n i ont drinKK Crist n i ont free promot so Cut tha Checkz Bitch i Credit my sicsess Fer Tha niggaz Who Snitched On My Brotha So If It Wasent Fer You Soft Ass Niggas I Woudent Be rappn Mu Fucka they say tha shit dat dont Kill yah in this world It Make You tuffer we Took a federal situation n Created a monster u eva Been At one of My showz itz Like Quire rehursul Two Thousand Mu Fuckn real Niggas resit My versise All in one room nigga havin thug servis i Look at this
shit Like Ima Past It To Only Get Life Of Workin

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