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There goes Bobby Ray, Junior
Pullin’ out of town
Got his family in a U-Haul
They’re all sunbelt bound
Another farm abandoned
They gave the land back to the wind
The price of fuel went up, corn went down
And I don’t think we’ll be seeing Bobby again

It’s a hard country
Last year the fields were all too wet to plow
Hard country
And this year they say that it looks like a drought
But I can’t leave
My roots go deep in this hard country

I’ve got a friend got a job in the city
Installing burglar alarms
He says he’s makin’ real good money
But I can tell he misses the farm
He calls to ask how the crops are doin’
I say we could use some rain
Says his life is movin’ kinda fast
And I tell him out here things are always the same

Well the snow piles up in the winter
And the bugs come out in June
But somehow, it’s all worth it
When I see that harvest moon

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