After I Die Lyrics

Point Blank

album: Track 2 in album Prone to Bad Dreams
release date: 1992
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta/Thug Rap
length: 3:21
producer: Point Blank

Cover Art

Point Blank Prone to Bad Dreams cover art
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Let Point Blank explain
The way I smoked the bitch
I put my hands around her neck
And then I choked the bitch
Cause she didn't wanna give it up
Hoe jumped in my truck
Front like she gonna fuck
But it didn't go like I planned
She changed her mind
With the quickness
Man I couldn't understand it
So I forcefully stripped her
And cutted her throat like jack the ripper
Hah bitch said I raped her...

Her body's beautiful so i'm thinkin' rape...
I plea insanity...
Bitch said I raped her...

Bitch said I raped her, why?
Cause I fucked her like a caveman
Dragged her ass with the bat in my right hand
"Did you take the pussy?"
Hell no, it wasn't worth it
But the shit I went through
Man, I felt like I deserve it
So I picked her up around eight
I was supposed to pick her at six
But I was a couple of hours late
So she jumped in my ride
And we jetted it
Bitch was fine as a mothafucka
But I aint sweatin' so I took her for a trip
To South Park, see
And we ended pullin' on a dark street
Fired up a joint so we can get started
"What if she don't fuck?"
She gonna fuck cause I'm about it
Anyway, we ended up in the backseat
Breathin' hard like we just left a track meat
The bitch was lickin' on my chest and so on
I got mad cause she still had her clothes on
I panted in her pants and she stopped me
Then she said: "No, no, Blank! I aint ready!"
At that moment a rage flew through me
I told her: "We gonna fuck even if I have to fuck
your dead body! So what's up?"
She changed her mind real quick
Sucked my dick and all that other good shit
The very next day the police was tryin' to shake me
And her family was lookin' me crazy
Bitch said I raped her...

Her body's beautiful so i'm thinkin' rape...
I plea insanity...
Bitch said I raped her...

I met this other hoe that was locked in my jock
I wanted to fuck her so
So I took a turn around the block
Lean my windows down
And started to mackin' to the bitch
And when they saw my car
The other niggas had a pit but I ain’t givin’ a damn
I did what I had to do to thrill her
But what she didn't knew I planned to kill her
She jumped in my ride that's when it all began
Before I knew it I had raped another one
This shit is gettin' old
Real out of control
Just a wimp bitches mud
they gonna find it in back, I cant stand it
It didnt go like I planned
"Calm down, Point Blank!"
Then help me, God damned, I'm goin' crazy
Every police in Houston is tryin' to take me
Sayin' I killed his lady so now I'm runnin'
Tryin' to dodge the law
They checked my truck and find the brood
Noo-oh, the bitch said I raped her

Her body's beautiful so I'm thinkin' rape...
I plea insanity...
The bitch said I raped her...

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