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Artist: Point Blank Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on American Exce$$
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I hear you're goin' through some changes
I hear your friends all turn their backs on you
And now you're hangin' round with strangers
Now just be careful who you're talkin' to

Oh Nicole, my sweet Nicole
Oh Nicole, sweet sweet Nicole

You started lookin' like a burn out
You're lookin' like you just stayed up all night
You're lookin' like you've been turned out
The way your actin' girl it just ain't right now

Oh Nicole, my sweet Nicole
Oh Nicole, my sweet Nicole

You know you really drive me crazy
You upset me with your wicked little smile
You started lookin' kind of spaced out
You drive a man stark ravin' wild

Oh Nicole, my sweet Nicole
Oh Nicole, sweet sweet Nicole

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