Poison - Bastard Son of a Thousand Blues Lyrics

Artist: Poison Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Native Tongue
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Well it's four o'clock in the morning
And I'm knocking on your door
She says she's tired of me
Don't want me here no more

She said stop your pissin' and moanin' and groanin'
Go sleep outside with them dogs
Now honey let me please explain
'Cause I didn't mean you no wrong

I didn't mean to hurt you baby
Wouldn't do that to you
She said bite your lip, now, sweet child
You're the bastard son of a thousand blues

Well my Daddy was gone by the day I was born
And my Mama I have never seen
I was born in the back of a black Cadillac
And raised by a Gypsy queen

And as a child I was hell gone wild
Raised in the eye of a storm
By the time I was ten I was doing time again
'Cause I knew what that gun was for

No, no, no, I'm the bastard son of a thousand blues
No, no, no, Don't know what I'm going to do
No, no, no, I'm the bastard son of a thousand blues
No, no, no, Tell me, mama, what I'm going to do

Ladies have come and ladies have gone
But there's one I remember quite well
Years have gone past, but her memory lasts
But the story I cannot tell

Well I've lived and I've lied
And I've loved and I've tried
To put my soul to good use

Guess I'm **** out of luck
Cause that name, it just stuck
I'm the bastard son of a thousand blues, dig


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