Prayer for Cleansing - Feinbhas a Ghabhail Lyrics

Artist: Prayer for Cleansing Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on The Rain in Endless Fall
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as i stare in disbelief, blood
drains from open wrists
a silent prayer, concentrate on
death's sweet kiss
for the pain is far too great
and the love is far too late
to keep breath upon my lips
a world of flowers dead,
a world of truth unsaid
too many days alone
the moonlight shines below,
a sign to let me know
my soul is not my own

My dreams of happiness
and dreams of all i wished
together died in the depths of
your abyss

to worry does no good for a
death not understood
this life should not have been
the rain in endless fall, a cry to
one and all,
is death from suffering a sin?

a whisper in my ears takes hold
my deepest fear
the tomb beckons my name
for once the cut is made,
a slice of cold steel blade
air and ground feel not the same

words torment, inscribed in
sin, actions are brisk, bring
final end
water turns red, turns life to
dust, dust is nothing,
darkness left
mourners in black, laugh at
the wake, treason of love,
death heart now aches

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