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Artist: Primal Fear Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Seven Seals
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Hold back the night my darkest dreams
I'm standing right beside you, enemy
I'll take your fate into this world
And I will follow you into the dawn

I will unbind your chains, release you to reality
The army of the dead, will rise again, alive again

Look into the unknown mirror
See the face that burns the land
Eye to eye with this evil monster, hand in hand
Take your brave heart in a fighting moment
Anger rises everywhere
Lost leaders give us hope and wake up the dead

High spirits and emotions, are coming back to us
The oppression takes too long, we've lost everything
The eyes are turning black, the fighting spirits back
We raise our hands in faith, the day of reckoning

We have a chance
And we're holding back the moment
When the morning comes
The battle will be won

One dream, one heart
We're all for one
We fight for our destiny
One dream, one heart
We're all for one
We're living in our agony
All for one

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