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I'm not going to talk about doubts and confusion
On a night when I can see with my eyes shut
I'd never been to Ayrshire
I hitched down one saturday
Sixty miles to Kilmarnock
To see Hibernian play
The day was bright and sunny
But the game I won't relay
And there was no Kilmarnock Bunnet
To make me want to stay

But I'm not going to talk about it
On a night when I can see with my eyes shut
When I started walking at Wishaw
My eyes obscured my vision
After five miles on my way
I began to learn to listen

I walked through the country
I walked through the town
I held my head up
And I didn't look down
The question doesn't matter
The answer's always "aye"
The best view of all
Is where the land meets the sky.

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