Prodigy - Without Rhyme or Reason Lyrics

Artist: Prodigy Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on H.N.I.C. 3
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If I start rambling, don't mind me,
I might get off track, but who doesn't it?
I love rap music, but I hate the fake light...
Usually calls the lord Weedy.
So, I choose not to take part in it
On that extra seat, and just I do what I do
I'ma write this writters
Sometimes I'm overthink.
It's not ... it's how remind myself
My clean activity flows best.
Nigga, I'm not concerned you tryna make hits,
It's all bullshit, if you ask me.
When you bend over just to go Platinum
No, thank you.
As I'd be as clearly
That I'm comfortable with myself.
And that's all that matters
I made the point in my life with.
I'm cool with exterming perks
I just roll my shit,
And I can show you how to live to the f-ckers.
But you got to follow me like Twitter
This is not the casino... it won't be sweet
Helo hard boulevard, not easy streets
Without Rhyme or Reason
I do what I love, I don't follow low sequence

It feels so good to have my own staff,
This over rappers they try it
They might like it,
Spend so much time copying tunes.
They don't even know what it's like to be
Or is it that they don't like they sell.
Maybe you defend who do you .. doing
What ? None.
Or maybe they would love you more,
Two actually tried, they never resured.
I know, we act like potential and ?
Reality is not so gorgeous
The ugly truth, that you ain't got the heart to face it
You would lie, sex, money, fool, music
I score points like a ... win trophy
Yes, that nigga... balled out, but
I'm really just having fun with you
Don't hate, you should be concerned with ours
Cause my life's awsome.
I'm all buried in stash food
I might take a little time off
I'm out at tropics
Sending emails, drinks, laughing
Getting tanned.
Without Rhyme or Reason
I do what I love, I don't follow low sequence
Do what I love, I don't follow low sequence.

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