Kkkampain Lyrics


album: Track 8 in album The Long Distance Runner
release date: 2004-3-22
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genres: Hip Hop
styles: Ragga HipHop
length: 3:39

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the year is one nine eight to the four
cus world leaders are waging a war
called shock and awe for rapid world dominance
they're lockin' jaws a rabbit dogs' common sense
dad's walkin' home, his baby girl by the hand
askin' all kind of question can't understand
evil men going for the jugular vein
he feels troubled and shamed cus he couldn't explain that...
war ain't nothin' but a campaign
freedom ain't nothin' but a brand name
why people gotta die, why we can't change
that it's all a part of the dirty mans game
but daddy ain't that strange
some people drinkin' nothin' but champagne
others drinkin' dirty water from a bad drain
is that also part of the kkkampain
nahh, she didn't stu-stu-studder mawfucker
subconsciously she knows that the scud missiles and rockets
are launched by the same white devils who used to fight rebels
in africa north and south america
it's just a new era with new terminology
thoroughly they've studied the human psychology
from colonies to far east, now follow me
shock and awe ain't nothin' but hiroshima nagasaki
hitlers blitzkrieg is desert storm
same people dying, same red blood a flow'n
but when some people fight this war it's a righteous war
listen didn't you hear me right before
I said it's not a war it's a campaign
and freedom can be bought it's a brand name
some people gotta die that's a damn shame
still it's not a war it's a kkkampain
Take a good look in your good book or your anarchist cookbook
read the writings on the wall that the hoods from your hood put
up for you to check like some travelin' truth-sayers
you can even check the babylon newspapers
as long as you know who wrote it and with what motive
I know KRS said it already I quoted
not to prove a point but to get my point of view across
cus I don't know the truth of course
I'm only here to find out what's true for me
and you too better find out what's true for you
and overstand that they twist the words to fit the worst
badminded people called mr bush
dick cheney, donald rumsfeld, it's enough
todo mi gente en el mundo, listen up
since they own the media they keep on deceivin' us
with a new language don't believe me man, we live in this world...
where war is campaign
and freedom ain't nothin' but a brand name
some people gotta die that's a damn shame
still we celebratin' drunk off the champagne
though it's obvious we just missed the last train
big business politicians' on a rampage
and it's too late now we can't change
and it's not a war it's a kkkampain

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