Prussian Blue - Sisters Lyrics

Artist: Prussian Blue Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Fragment of the Future
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We are sisters, UGLY and PROUD. We feel the poo as it comes out. We don't care if it's green or yellow, as long as it smells poopy.

We know we can't compare ourselves with Mary Kate and Ashley in 'beauty', but we got a mean stink and we ain't afraid of being booed at, 'cause we'll scare everyone away with our keed, yeah, that's our creed.

We racists gotta do someting 'bout those whites, man. They ruinin' our lives, and, of course, the blacks are best! Prussian Blue, man. That's us, we hate and we don't care, as long as we got our poo, we fine, we sisters. We sisters till the end, till the end (which is in a few days).

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