Psychostick Death Burger! Lyrics

Artist: Psychostick
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Drive-Thru: Hi, welcome to Sonic! Can I take your order please?
Customer 1: Yes! I would like a... Death Burger.
Drive-Thru: W-what do you want?
Customer 1: I'd like a Death Burger!
Customer 2: With cheese!
Drive-Thru: We don't HAVE those.
Customer 1: A Death Burger with CHEESE!
Customer 2: And fries!
Customer 1: And FRIES!
Customer 2: And nachoes... And sausage!
Customer 1: C-could you make that a combo?
Customer 2: ... And an Egg McMuffin.
Customer 1: Do you not have a Dea-
Drive-Thru: Do you want large fries or jumbo size fries?
Customer 1: Agh, do you have a Death Burger or not?
Drive-Thru: No, maybe you want a CHEESEburger instead?
Customer 1: Baaaaaah. Blast it, just give me a large Cherry Lime-Ade! I'll go somewhere else for a Death Burger...!